Best Places To Visit In Mathura

Best Places To Visit In Mathura

Recognized as the birth site of Lord Krishna and one of the seven holy cities for Hindus, this city, alongside the Yamuna river, is an important pilgrimage site. Famous as the birthplace of Lord Krishna and one of the seven holy cities for Hindus. On your visit, we suggest visiting some of the Best Places To Visit In Mathura.

Mathura, the very name, gathers images of a traditional city with many ancient antiques and monuments committed to Lord Krishna, one of the famous Indian Gods. Mathura is an essential aspect of Indian culture and a much-visited by religious and other tourists. It is also the city where one can taste the tastiest pure milk-based sweets, including the world-famous Mathura Ka Peda and Khurchan, a semi-liquid form of the peda.

Here Are Some Of The Best Places To Visit In Mathura.


Barsana is a favored place for pilgrimage with a frequent bus service from Mathura. Known originally as Brahmasaran, Barsana lies on an incline of a ridge. The four prominent hill peaks are regarded as a symbol of divinity and have the Ladli Ji temple. Barsana is said to be the birthplace of Radha. Spots to see in Barsana are the Shriji Temple, Maan Mandir, Mor Kutir, Krishna Kund or Radha Sarovar, and the Sankari Khor.

Dwarkadheesh Temple

Created in 1814 by Seth Gokul Das Parikh, it is one of the prominent temples in the town. This revered sanctum gets decorated during the festive days. The main temple here is beautifully conceived and brightly painted.


About 15 km from Mathura is Gokul. This is where a budding Lord, Krishna, was brought up in secrecy by his foster mother, Yashoda. The place has connections with Saint Vallabhacharyaji, who lived here. Points of attraction are the Shri Thakurani Ghat, Nanda Bhavan, Raman Reti, and the Rangbihariji Temple.


Govardhan, a hillock, is known to have been lifted by Lord Krishna on his finger to save residents of Brij from rains. Thus, it is said to be one of the most fortunate mountains where Lord Krishna eternally rambles and grants his love and joy to his proponents. On the top of Govardhan elevation is a temple constructed in the 16th century. 

Isckon Temple

Also understood as Sri Krishna-Balaram Mandir, this temple was created in 1975 on the pedagogy of Swami Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON. 

Prem Mandir 

Astounding in classiness, Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj, 2001 created Prem Mandir. This recently completed temple is the most beautiful in the Brij area.

Radha Raman Temple

Built by Gopala Bhatta Gosvami, in 1542. The deity here is attractive. There is a crown instead of the idol of Radha near Lord Krishna.

Krishna Janmasthan Temple

Mathura’s most prominent attraction is the Krishna Janmasthan Temple, near the lockup enclosure where Krishna was born after his parents were kept here by his wicked uncle, Kansa, King of Mathura. They say that Krishna’s massive idol was over 4m tall and made of solid gold, taken away during an aggression by Mahmud of Ghazni. Inside, visitors will find artworks of scenes from Krishna’s life, an idol of Krishna, Balrama, Radha, water tank.

Shri Rangji Temple

This vast south Indian-style temple dates back to 1851, an presentation of appreciation from a businessman for a much-awaited offspring to Lord Vishnu. Its most striking traits are the 30m-high gopuram, a large kund, and a tall golden pillar in the central courtyard. In the temple is an idol of Lord Vishnu lying down on the Shesha Nag (divine serpent). The temple is known for a ten-day Rath (chariot) festival held in March-April.

Vishram Ghat

The traditional Parikrama starts from Vishram Ghat and ends here. There are 12 ghats of the Yamuna to the north end of Vishram Ghat.

The Vishram Ghat has elegant temples, including the Mukut Temple, Radha-Damodar, Murli Manohar Neelkantheshwar, Yamuna-Krishna, Langali Hanuman, and Narasimha temples. Every evening, the ‘Aarti’ held at the Vishram Ghat is incredible as the little oil lamps drifted on the river, setting the tranquil water glimmering with a myriad flickering shine. No travels to Mathura are complete without seeing holy ponds. Traditionally there were 159 ancient sacred ponds, but now, only four exist. 


Vrindavan, the twin city of Mathura, is where spirituality meets stillness. Vrindavan is where Krishna completed his youth. Everyone who visits must try the Lassi and Jal Jeera of this town.

Mathura also offers excellent shopping options for those who love shopping and are looking forward to taking back souvenirs of their stop, temples, and thrilling tourist spots. One of the favorite things you can buy here are tiny idols of Gods known as Astadhatu and beautifully carved and created brass temple objects such as lamps, bells, shringar apparel for temple idols, woven rosary beads, etc. Be it a spiritual time or one to explore the city’s charm, make sure you leave sufficient time on your hands for some shopping in Mathura, an affair we are sure will enrich your understanding of Mathura. 

Finest Spots For Shopping In Mathura

  • Tilak Dwar Market
  • Bengali Ghat
  • Chatta Bazar
  • Krishna Nagar Market
  • Highway Plaza Mall
  • Lal Bazaar


We suggest visiting some of the Best Places To Visit In Mathura. As they will make your visit more meaningful and memorable.

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