Destinations In Dalhousie

Destinations In Dalhousie

Dalhousie is a favored hill station in Himachal Pradesh, with beautiful panoramas of the snow-capped peaks of the Dhauladhar ranges. In this blog, we have listed some of the best Destinations In Dalhousie.

Dalhousie is a hill station near Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, in North India. It spans five hills and has a height of 1,970 m (6,460 ft) above sea level. Dalhousie is famous for its meadows, dense wildernesses, and waterfalls. Dalhousie is one of the most renowned hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. It leisurely extends through the five mountains, Katalog, Potreyn, Terah, Bakrota, and Bhangora.

The valley got its name after Lord Dalhousie and was the favorite summer destination of the Britishers during the colonial period. Dalhousie shows an old-world charm, beautiful untouched topography, pine-clad valleys, and splendid clouded peaks. The Scottish, Victorian-era architecture of churches reminds us of its colonial roots.

Dalhousie is also known for woolen Himachali shawls, Tibetan handicrafts, Chamba hankies, and souvenirs. Mall Road is the town’s primary market. It is where most of the city socializing happens, and you can observe individuals taking a walk or enjoying themselves. You will find the list of the best Destinations In Dalhousie below.

Destinations In Dalhousie

1. Bhulwani Mata & Bhalei Mata Temples

Dalhousie has 2 Temples

  • Bhulwani Mata Temple is noted for a fair every July.
  • Bhalei Mata Temple also has historical significance from the 16th century.

2. St. Patrick’s Church 

One of the British methods that left their impression on Dalhousie was the building of churches. St. Patrick’s Church is one church. This church is the largest in the townlet. Despite being built such an extended time back, it stands in exceptional condition today. The interiors play as essential as the exteriors, lending it an elegant appearance: the chandeliers and the latticed windows on the exterior allure the viewer’s engagement.

3. St. Francis Church

St. Francis Church, from the 19th century and stands out for its Belgium glass face and radiant stonework, is another top traveler interest in Dalhousie. Eventually, you have the St. John’s Church, which ingrains you with its extensive collections of books about Dalhousie. The protestant church is home to extraordinary paintings of St. Peter and St. John. It is an integral part of the town’s colonial roots.

4. Bakrota Hills

Those who cannot do without their fair share of experience should take a 5 km trek to Bakrota Hills. A walk through the thick woods of the hills, overlooked by deodar, pine, and oak trees, rejuvenates both your senses and body. Go in the daybreak, and it takes that calm, peaceful gaze, with the mist clutching the forest. Throughout the walk, you are treated to views of the town spread out below. When it is snowing, their beauty appears in a different glow during the winters. Dalhousie is famous among honeymooners and family vacationers. Take a stroll amidst the snow-capped mountains at the Bakrota Hills. Breathe in the pure aura and feel all recharged and rejuvenated. The Hills are wrapped with dense Deodar forests, making it look like a stunning leafy rug stretched over the cliffs. The fascinating landscape here will leave you spellbound. Every year Dalhousie is blessed with heavy snowfall. During this season, the superb Bakrota hills sparkle like diamonds. Spend some time here with your dear ones and be in wonder of Mother Nature’s miraculous designs.  

5. Satdhara Waterfall

Satdhara Falls is a picturesque tourist interest in Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh. The waterfall is on the way while traveling to Panchpula stands at an elevated height of 2036 meters above sea level. Satdhara means ‘seven springs’ in Hindi. Panjula Waterfall is created by the reaching together of different mountain rivulets whose waters do contain healing effects. Families often visit it to enjoy a breeze or revel in the surroundings. There is a monument of Sardar Ajit Singh, a revolutionary freedom warrior who lived here. When seven water springs come together to form Satdhara Waterfall, their waters do have therapeutic properties. The arrival of the monsoon brings out the natural beauty of this waterfall.

6. Laxmi Narayan Temple

Laxmi Narayan Temple, from the 10th century, is one of the oldest temples in the Chamba area. King Sahil Verman created this temple and governed the region between 920 and 940 AD. The design of the temple showcases the Shikhara type of architecture. There are six sanctums in the temple devoted to the Hindu god of preservation, Vishnu, and the Hindu god of destruction, Shiva. The main idol of the temple, which is of Vishnu, is made with a grand marble that glimmers. 

7. Chamunda Devi Temple

The Chamunda Devi Temple is on the banks of the enchanting Baner River. It is known to be one of the most well-known temples in the region and is 750 years old. The Chamunda Devi Temple is for Goddess Kali, the incarnation of Goddess Durga Devi. The superb location of this temple creates it one of the most memorable,must-visit places in Dalhousie. Encircled by dense and tall pine and Deodar trees and majestic mountains, the Chamunda Temple attracts tourists in considerable numbers. The visitors visiting the temple can also enjoy the beautiful views of the hills and the woody woods of Lahl and Pathiar, which surround the whole area.

This famous temple of Ma Chamunda is located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh and is a few kilometers away from Dalhousie. One can easily take a bus/ taxi to reach the spot and worship the idol of Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva. The main deity of Goddess Durga is visible from the main entrance. In the temple, there is a marble staircase beside the central shrine that brings you down to the cave of Lord Shiva.


Dalhousie is a beautiful place to visit with Family or Friends. Hope you liked the list of these Destinations In Dalhousie.

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